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What is ballchasing.com ?

Short answer: users upload Rocket league replay files & get in-depth statistics + 3D replay viewer.

ballchasing.com is a free online website where you can upload your RocketLeague® replay files and get access to:

How do I upload replays ?

Using the website:

Using BakkesMod:

BakkesMod lets you automatically upload all your game replays to ballchasing.com.

  1. Make sure you are connected to ballchasing.com using your Steam account
  2. Go to the Upload page
    • If you don't have an API token:, click on the button to generate one:
    • If you already have an API token, click on the "Show" button:
  3. Copy the token value:
  4. Install BakkesMod
  5. When in game, Press F2 to show BakkesMod console
  6. Go to the Plugins tab, select the Auto replay uploader from the list
  7. Enable "uploading to ballchasing.com" and paste your API token:

I'm on Switch/PS4/XBox, can I upload my replays to the site ?

Short answer: No.

These platforms do not give you access to the replay files.

With any luck, you can search for existing replays uploaded by others where you appear

How to watch a replay from ballchasing.com using the real in-game perspective ?

ballchasing.com 3D viewer does not aim to reproduce the game perspective.

It aims instead to offer a simplified and lightweight view to make it easier to:

But you can still watch a replay using the in-game perspective:

A. Using the Ballchasing Replay Player plugin

You just need BakkesMod and to install the Ballchasing Replay Player plugin developed by Martinn ❤️

Afterwards, these play buttons appear next to the replays:

Clicking on a play will automatically download and start the in-game replay viewer

B. Manually

How do I get that sweet pro tag on ballchasing.com ?

ballchasing.com 3D tags players as pro using liquipedia

Pro Players are awarded the pro tag which is displayed next to their name in the site:

A player is tagged as pro when:

For example, here's what such a page looks like: Fairy Peak

ballchasing.com is not responsible for creating the liquipedia page nor configuring the link to the steam profile

Please refer to Liquipedia's Notability Guidelines for more details on how/when a player gets their page.

You can also use Liquipedia's Discord Server if you still have unanswered questions.

Excel/Google Sheets does not display the downloaded CSV stats as a table

Simply change the CSV separator in the site

Go to any replay's details page, an in the CSV export tab, click the cog button and choose one of comma (US) or Semicolon.

How can I support the site ?

the ballchasing.com is provided for free, without ads to serve the community

However, hosting it has costs:

Can't Fly, the site creator is happy to continue to provide this service for free and without ads, as long as his financial situation permits it.

However, a quota system (on the number of uploads/day) had to be put in place to ensure that the site remains sustainable.

If you want to support him, you can do so via Patreon from as little as $2/month:

Support the site: Become a patron

As a bonus, patrons get a couple of perks: check the Patreon Perks section for more details

Patreon Perks

Patrons get some exclusive perks:

The idea is to offer perks to patrons without penalizing other users.

Not everyone can support the site financially, and that's fine 🤗

The site lives thanks to all of its users: thank you all for using it and for enriching the dataset by uploading your replays !

As a patron, you would get access to a couple of extras:

Support the site: Become a patron

I have another question, want to know more, get in touch with Can't Fly and other site users

Come visit us at the official Discord

It's a nice and chill place to ask questions, get help, suggest new features, signalling bugs/issues, or just say Hi 🤗.

Look for Can't Fly if you're trying to reach the site creator/admin.