Also played as: Lost (new controls/settings), ., juroh, LostxFatal, Lost in da sauce :), Lost :), -200 mmr, Sharquisha the goat, SSL in all extra modes, Blegh Daddy, fredoazul34, LostFatal, LostFatal TTV, LostFatal TTV (Live), Lost in da sauce, Lost-Playing Northwood in t-1 hr, 200 mmr slump :|, Shadez_RL = instant L, Lost (FedEx > UPS), LostxFatal (bday yesterday), LostxFatal (bday today), Fateski, Jobro is so bad, 20 iq Lost, 20.0 iq Lost, Lost (Getting ready for CRL), Lost (30 hrs of no sleep :( ), Ur #dookie, LostFatal TTV (1.00 stiffness), Lost (1.00 stiffness gang), :), pls ff/abandon, pls ff, Fatal, $1 cashapp if u ff, theres a mute button 4 a reason, 2000 3s games this szn #nolife, L, Hold L and move on, Fatal (chat off), LostFatal TTV Live, L (chat off), LostFatal TTV Live play til lose, LSU HAS NO TEAM, UL>LSU, ImagineAskingForWhiteOcane, ImaginePuttingTTVInUrName, LF GF, Biceps hurt from jrkin off, LF E-Girl, hit my line :), Looking for Rizz, 100 mmr slump, SSL in all extras, Lost (150 mmr slump), Lost (200 mmr slump), Down 200, this rank is awful, Ur 1600, just stop talking, Down 250, this rank is awful, Down 250, this rank is abs awful, Down 200, this rank is so bad, Down 150, this rank is so bad, Down 150 mmr, Down 150 mmr, this rank is awful, I am not gami, -_-, Down 200 mmr, this rank is awful, LF GF :), Kids named Jason r weird, Sizz the Rizz Whizz, Sizz the Rizz Whizz Kid, Lostt, LostFatal Live, Lost (#Zenith is str8 buns), Lost (#Rel is buns), Lost (#Crispy is buns), L + ratio + bozo + clapped, Lost (Lf sub for team), not surprised if tm8s throw, this rank is a joke, ur trash kid, playing perm 3rd, just chase, freelo, I'm 11, 150 mmr slump, console kids r awful. lmao, quit complaining ffs, spood still hasnt sneezed. smfh, gimme a song to listen to pls, pollo = washed, new binds & settings, new binds & settings, no sleep, taking song requests. go!, Lost (mic off, can hear), jp., jp, LF E-Girl, U know da vibes, Im cringe, deal with it, LostFatal (Live), LostFatal TTV (Not Live)

Appears in 7843 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

8274 Goal(s), 4024 Assist(s), 10204 Save(s), 25414 Shot(s), 6929 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Octane 79.94%
  • Fennec 12.53%

Frequently plays with:


6* 7* 8* 9* 10*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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