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I am a person (trust)

Also played as: I am a person, I enable "I am speed", Lore, dah, Alico (I like poop stuff), Moose (ok bih), Moose, Brown Hat, I would never change my name, Rehny21, Can someone carry me from G3?, I can change my name nerd, heehee ball, . (omg im so mysterious oooo), Lore \_('-')_/ , I will attempt to avenge, boosty cars, I also demo JD_zT2, I also demo jd_zT, Demo Man, Alico is my carry, Me no curb, he curb, average dropshot gamer, Im Canadian (home advantage), average dropshot grinder, average snow day grinder, Rebyd, Mob's father figure, Lore (crossbar hero), Def Not Lore, L, Lore (TOTK is amazing), I <3 Jake, Jeff, My duo's name is stupid, Lore (NS Gang /rumble god), $10 per game, I have never hit SSL, My dribbling > Sumo's, Cas is the new ranked, I am exhausted, Dardandos Sucks, Dardandos is SSL, My tm8 carried me, defence hard, No strong feelings about ball, I hate ball, I <3 Yann, My tm8 wishes he was bri'ish, Looking for a new tm8, dm tm8, Looking for a new tm8, dm Alico, Lore (#ICanChangeNameLuL), Lore (mob psycho rocks), Lore (down bad), I hit ball (sometimes), I don't play Duke Nukem 3D, Lore (Did you know? I hate 1s), Lore (did you know?), Lore (likes wo-men), Lore?, Lore (new wire), Plate Up is NOT fun - rehny, GenisHater96, Look at all the epic plebs, He is top 10 ssl, Im sweating so hard, AlicoYT (in training), AlicoYT, Lore RL RL (I get plungers), Look at bob go, ;afdsljkh, I Am Lore, ChangeOurNames, Grinding for #1 spooky cube, Luna, Creepy Lady's Husband, Fushi, Alico, Harry .RL, Go follow rKeef on twitch!, Go follow rKeef!, i can say what I want, I am REAL rKeef, keef says Im plat 1, Alico Shooting LMAO, Never changed my name before, Disable goal reset nerd, Disable goal resert, follow ttv rKeef (beef throwback, Follow ttv rKeef, I simp for Derpeh, REAL!!!! ibadrx3, gold 3 div 4, newdul said so, I am gold 3 but I should be plat, I play fortnite evryday, Are you the one who knocks?, I'm a Smurf, Paddy is the love of Lore's life, L.

Appears in 7342 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

10703 Goal(s), 5012 Assist(s), 9409 Save(s), 34093 Shot(s), 8004 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Fennec 64.53%
  • Octane 35.06%

Frequently plays with:


6* 7* 8* 9* 10* 11* 12*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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