Also played as: Malicious LF ingame tourney, Malicious error: Kernel overload, Malicious The monkeh, Je suis les monkeh, XMD, Malicious, samsung smart fridge, Ronny Raket, Hi, i Am Ronny, i asked, Hi, i Am Raiel, GK team pls hit ball, Malicious the old boi coach, Malicious: 7.5GBP/HR, Malicious: 8GBP/HR, 1 Coach, Malicious (new pro mother), Malicious Bulk selling blueprint, Malicious Selling inventory, If you chase, i FF, Malicious. LFT, Malicious. LFT xd, Malicious., Loopjongen Hendrik, Malicious. Heavily vibin, TILTED MALICIOUS, Malicious LTS, Malicious LFT/ LTS, Malicious NA east= EU's mmr farm, Malicious. LF Black Dieci, Pults L3nn3rt, Lange Lange, Malicious_, You're garbage :), Malicious.LF1, Malicious the coaching boik, Malicious LF black dieci, malicious, mal, might give all my sht away, Malicious LF1, Zee9's fanboi batmobile main, Malicious LFT, Malicious | Selling TW octane, ...., TTV Malicious_E, SUK MIKE HOK, Abused by the system, Malicious LF1/LFT, Shift, Malicious not stopping till gc, Let me play ty, abused, EU Sypical, Appxrentlypleb, Appxrantlypleb, Mald king malicious, :P, Malicious - selling rlcs wheels, ., pls ff i need gc i will give you, SJONNIE DONNIE EN RONNIE, Wahed kopstoot odeee broeder, Wahed kopstoot odeee, Malicious huts, Maldicious, team don't mald me pls, Carrying Nova to GC LUL, , Mal., ik neuk jullie allemaal demoeder, Very much Malicious, Sugardaddy Malicious, Malicious in de put, Malicious or ronny raket ?,, MaLULicious, ...................., Player 1, FG Malicious LF1, Pulse Malicious LFT,, Malicious_E, Hit ball pls,, Coach Red Vodkalicious, Coach Red Vodka, SB Malicious, Malicious LF1 BENELUX, Malicious LFT BENELUX, taking time for myself, Enni hates me :/, Malicous, Player 0, [Derank Service]Drops SK

Created 2 replay group(s)

Appears in 6531 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

6715 Goal(s), 3421 Assist(s), 7581 Save(s), 18464 Shot(s), 6113 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Octane 68.21%
  • Fennec 19.77%
  • Dominus 7.58%

Frequently plays with:


5 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1* 2* 3*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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