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Also played as: ShawnyThe1, Dot., Lag, Blind, The1, zigros, ....., Shawnydot, TTV.ShawnyThe1, HAN, 007, 07, shawnythe1, T234, YO, Rw9, marcelle dion, GROS ZOZO, THE1, zzzzzz, tony + yanis= noobzzzz, RANK B sO FREE, ShawnyThe1 twitch live, ShawnyThe1 live twitch, KSO TWIN, ShawnyThe1 live Twitch, twitch ShawnyThe1 live, GOOBY FAN, MIA KHALIFA FAN, KSO IS ASS, IM THE BEST, ShawnyThe1 LIVE TWITCH, Twitch ShawnyThe1 live, BBC GUY, Twitch:ShawnyThe1, shawnmilfort

Appears in 12298 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

11480 Goal(s), 7218 Assist(s), 22597 Save(s), 35708 Shot(s), 10159 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Fennec 71.02%
  • Octane 18.39%
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E RLE 6.07%

Frequently plays with:


6* 8* 9* 10* 11* 12* 13* 14* 15*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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