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Mmmmmm Milk

Also played as: Master Chum, Eggplant Arnold, Master Plum (Yum), agagagaga, Bark, Bark, Salty Loklin, Soapster_3002, Vroom Vroom, In me mums car, broom broom, Master Chum with Mcdonalds car, Chum in Mcdonalds car, Chum, Cwocodile Wock, Easter Chum, Arsenal is 120 past 2, Mr. Chummy Boi, *Bites Leg*, Salty Stop scoring, Gator Hack, Loklin is my dad and merc, Master Chum (Scuffed Setup), Chum (Scuffed Setup w/Cat), I smel lik beeeef, Chumsta, McLovin it, Jango Pett, Top of the mornin' to ya, Yum yum, did someone say Chum?, Freddy fazbear, Lets go see meerkats at the zoo!, Ba da da da da (I'm lovin' it), (taking song requests), Chum (taking song requests), Chum (one touch, boost stuck), Chum (Only one touch), Chum (all settings LOW), Chummy Fazbear ar arh arh arh, Freddy Fazbear arh arh urh arh, Bearyllium, Bearly any braincells, BEAR KNUCKULARS BROTHER MAN, Wascally Wabbit (\ /), Brotato Chip, Chum (Day 2 of using Merc), Chum (New Moose), Big boi chumy, Chum (New left foot), I'm with this guy ^, Chum (big dumb), Chum (Learning air roll left...), Centice, Berryl The Shark, Fire Lizard, MOISTer CHUM, Master Chum (Happy Tuesday), Chikin Nuggies, Brb gotta throwup, The Upside Down Chum }<{{{.>, Chum Bucket, Puz's backhurtsfromcarryingme, Master Brum, Mmmm, Milk, Look Puzball I, Beast, Poncho, Drugs?No thanks,I'mhighonL.I.F.E, :), Chummy (Puzball's Dad), Puzball's is my Sugar Daddy, Chummy

Appears in 3041 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

4523 Goal(s), 1774 Assist(s), 4525 Save(s), 11329 Shot(s), 2079 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Dominus 49.42%
  • Fennec 29.60%
  • Fast 4WD 6.08%

Frequently plays with:


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Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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