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im drunk so yeah xD

Also played as: XertzEU on TikTok, im blind :), bananas, im really sorry guys, coach me plz, ., i just blame teammates, (new teammates ?), new teammates ?, Scrubkilla, wow, Xertz_RL on TikTok, Al0t, no beans no party, i left my teammate in the smoke, No Beans No Party, why nobody care about my ath, what nobody care about my ath, Bananas, kyle, wtf is gc, if you use titles ur gc1 peak, Washed, Twitch.tv/Xertz_RL_, TikTok Xertz_RL, Kyle, never back down never what, mint, Zane is plat, twitch.tv/Xertz_RL_, twitch.tv/xertzhits_, low, Drkwho, 1 game from rewards, Haggis, PooC Destroyer, DrkWho, coach, ?, Cya!, Washed Washing Machine, Tango Ice Blast, TikTok IamXertz, Player 1, TikTok XertzHits, knockout, learning 1s, Cya !, !, Beluga, 1000 IQ, back from 13 season break, Kyle RL, Left on kickoffs!!!!, calm down, my name is kyle, Bonkerz, Yes Im Scottish

Appears in 851 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

1605 Goal(s), 381 Assist(s), 1470 Save(s), 3863 Shot(s), 619 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Octane 80.61%
  • Fennec 18.21%

Frequently plays with:


5* 6* 7* 8* 9* 10* 11* 12*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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