Squishy melons

Also played as: jstnurmum, ooNIT, VENooxiade, Squishy Melonz, Squishy Meolonz, sck, Cooljay, Joob, pyro, Pogda, Jcool., swgy., D Rank to D Rank, D Rank, Road to Rank D, Loosh Live, Road to RankD, Omegathrow, PocoChatato, Moora, Fronchie, JeffRedder., Diz, meeny, Silvee, Miny, spectator hillary, donkey, mystery man, Squishy Melons, billybeastmode, Silver, bronze, BOB

Appears in 299 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

292 Goal(s), 194 Assist(s), 523 Save(s), 951 Shot(s), 235 Demo(s)

Main car:

  • Octane 97.32%

Frequently plays with:

Playlist MMR Games Rank
Ranked Duels 1089 8 Champion II Div. 2 Champion II Div. 2
Ranked Doubles 1555 90 Grand Champion Grand Champion
Ranked Standard 1373 38 Champion II Div. 4 Champion II Div. 4
Playlist MMR Games Rank
Ranked Duels 986 24 Diamond III Div. 4 Diamond III Div. 4
Ranked Doubles 1512 333 Champion III Div. 4 Champion III Div. 4
Ranked Standard 1485 214 Champion III Div. 4 Champion III Div. 4
Ranked SnowDay 651 1 Unranked Unranked


13 14 3* 4* 5*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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