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Also played as: hi, jp, cody, jame, existentialism, hello??, ,, who are you, JP, Perf, F15H JPKJ, Rei, Lamp shade, alpha sigma male, kazu, anime @boobs, JPKJ, Straw, Not Minky, solid evidence of the spectrum, solid evidence of spectrum, concrete evidence of spectrum, Nah, jpin hehe, jp : (, jping away, wee, beep boop, not me, jeblah live, lonely, ichinose, dobby, <---- mommy, not him, its_jpkj - live, minky fan, mizu, Jeblah - live, chicken joe, JUST GO, jpkj : ), gateyborug, ceo of being bad, mummy, <-- mummy, drowning in a river rn, YT its_jpkj, anime booba, its_jpkj, <--- mummy, hit ball, | kazu lonely |, weebo, ttv its_jpkj, its_jpkj : ), hate speech, senpai wa, my friend needs a team : (, I'm Trash, <3, washed asf, weeeee, Kazu, TTV its_weebo, WEEBO, JPKJ123, NICO NICO NII, weee, I'm bad, i'm bad, ttvjpkj123, Mugen, I'm sad, Proto_JPKJ, proto_ttvjpkj, ttv proto_jpkj, ttv jpkj123, soulz, jpkj.gg, jpkj123, vill wants tm8s that are c2, looking for c2 players for team, twitch.tv/jpkj123 not live btw, twitch.tv/jpkj123

Appears in 2613 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

2881 Goal(s), 1423 Assist(s), 3190 Save(s), 7480 Shot(s), 1415 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Octane 88.90%
  • Fennec 5.86%

Frequently plays with:


2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7* 8* 9* 10* 11* 12* 13* 14* 15*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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