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Also played as: Jay, janxnz, Tier 1, ja.,, Jay Wopo, Jay., Tweakin., ., jay [&, assistanttotheregionalmanager, vibe, I hate love, jmoney, sauce, jasper, janxnz., Player 0, x, Edot Babyy, TG x, New Opp, Messi, Notti, Move Look, sugarhill, TG Notti, E4N, notti, let me cook, 40s n 9s, One Up, 0 , jstn to furia?, tell me how i should play, bando, I am going to play aggressive, tiktok janxnzrl, Solar, Janxnz, Caraxes, Tweakin, Deestroying, , Star, MXLII, reset, melvoni, Melvoni, Ghost

Created 2 replay group(s)

Appears in 1131 replay(s)

Stats from these replays:

1179 Goal(s), 600 Assist(s), 1593 Save(s), 3314 Shot(s), 1058 Demo(s)

Main cars:

  • Octane 91.95%
  • Fennec 6.10%

Frequently plays with:


6* 7* 8* 9* 10* 11* 12* 13* 14*


Duels Doubles Standard Solo Standard
Duels Doubles Standard Chaos
Extra Modes
Hoops Rumble Dropshot SnowDay

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